Ewing Church Cemetery & Mausoleum one of the oldest cemeteries in the area celebrated it's 300th year of service to the congregation and the community. The year was 1708 when Richard Scudder and 16 others purchased two acres of land to establish a burial ground. The Cemetery is rich in history and tradition. A place where hundreds of veterans from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam War and many notable citizens from Mercer County are buried. Today with over 50 acres of beautiful greenery, massive oaks and flowering tree-lined drives, Ewing Church Cemetery is embarking on a new era and future expansion. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful and well kept cemeteries in our area.

As a non-sectarian cemetery serving all faiths and nationalities, Ewing Church Cemetery is a full service provider dedicated to preserving your families heritage. Ewing Church Cemetery provides a variety of options which include: Traditional below ground burial, Dignified low-cost cremation and niche package plans, Above Ground Mausoleums, Private family estates, Group Discount Grave Packages, as well as Veteran discounts.